Our Chit-Key Vaults™ are perfect for customers who do not require electronically controlled assets.


   chit-key vaults™  


These products provide a very simple and clever technique for storing and ensuring the safe return of your keys. All locks work in tandem so that the two keys may never be released at the same time. Chit-Key Vaults™come in two sizes of 18-gauge brushed stainless steel. The vaults may be built to any size with various lock options to meet your security needs. 

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To use this vault, simply secure the first position (control key) in place and the second position (user key) will then be mechanically free to be removed.


This Chit-Key Vault™ hold six tandem locks. These locks may optionally be mastered to control the front door of the Chit-Key Vault™.



tamper-evident key tags

KSI's serialized Tamper-Evident Key Tags are included with each of our Chit-Key™ Panels, ensuring that keys are securely sealed while stored and while in use.  


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the multi-chit panel™ 

Multi-Chit Panels™ may be configured to hold up to 50 tandem locks at one time. They may be mounted standalone or housed within a Security Asset Manager™ (SAM) with optional electronic door control.  

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