1. how will our company benefit from using gfms™ cloud services vs. managing local gfms installations?

Taking full advantage of our Cloud Services means that Key Systems, Inc. will host your software for you instead of needing to manage your software through your own server and database. The GFMS™ software will be available via any internet connected device and any updates and patches will be installed automatically. Cut down on internal IT costs. Relieve the stress of managing your own software. Trust Key Systems, Inc. to host your GFMS™ software and experience the benefits of the Cloud. 



2. Where can products from key systems, inc. be ordered from?

Key Systems, Inc. has many exciting products to offer in order to ensure the safety of your assets and facilities as well as bring peace of mind.  Key Systems, Inc. does not sell directly to end users, as we utilize our list of distributors to better serve you.  To find your designated distributor please call (800) 888-3553. 



3. can any of your products be customized for specific needs?

We have a team of engineers on site to handle customer requests for product orders. While our popular products come with standard features to best serve the function of protecting your assets, we understand that your situation may require a unique solution.  Our Security Asset Managers™ and electronic lockers as well as other products can be customized to include desired features or perhaps a variety of access options based on how you want your product to function. Feel free to browse through our galleries and product pages to see standard products and read about custom options. Please give us a call to discuss custom orders and let us answer any of your questions. Click here to see some of our customization examples and options.



4. what makes key systems, inc. stand above the competition? 

As a leader in the security industry, we take pride in the fact that all of our products are made of the highest quality materials and manufactured in the USA.  Our proprietary GFMS™ software is unique in its ability to manage and control new devices instantly with our centralized management system.  



5. how many key boxes do I need for my facility?

Please contact us for assistance in determining what type of key boxes and the number of units that would best suit the needs of your facility.