GFMS™: In the Cloud

Key Systems, Inc.'s GFMS™ Cloud Services offer customers a virtual IT department providing easy, safe access to applications, resources and services - a turn-key solution that keeps data secure and costs low. Our cloud capabilities allow our customers to focus on their core business, while our team oversees the server, licensing and matters relating to installs and upgrades. 

Monitor Keybox Activity

Run Reports

Generate Alerts

Manage / Control Access to Assets

GFMS™ Cloud services offers customers:

  • GFMS™ Cloud Services eliminates any physical or virtual licensing costs, database costs and IT overhead.
  • Allows for remote access to strategically placed key boxes. Manage multiple locations across different time zones with the same GFMS™ installation.
  • Monitor key boxes, run reports, and control access to your assets from any location with an active internet connection. 
  • IT "less" solution; great for small businesses with limited staff.
  • Key Systems, Inc. handles all server maintenance, patches and upgrades. Backups are included with this service.
  • Free 24/7 software support and 24/7 training on using GFMS™ Cloud Services with an active warranty.
  • Available globally.
  • Low cost per month.
  • All data transmission is safely encrypted using SSL/HTTPS.



  • If you are an existing customer looking to switch to Key Systems, Inc.'s GFMS™ Cloud Services solution, please contact your representative to determine the compatibility of your equipment.



  • Current active warranty.
  • Internet connection and a computer or internet-enabled device.
  • Possess a current KSI GFMS™-enabled device that is powered and connected to the internet.