Security Asset Manager family. These electronically controlled key box cabinets store, audit, and manage your keys and assets. You can personalize these devices to secure a wide variety of sensitive items, however, keys remain our customer’s main focus for asset retention. Pictured are 8 key, 16 key, 32 key, 64 key, and 96 key configured key boxes.

security Asset Manager™(SAM)


Key Systems, Inc. offers several styles of electronically controlled cabinets to store, audit and manage your keys and assets. You can personalize these devices to secure a wide variety of sensitive items. However, keys remain our customer’s main focus for asset retention.


security asset manager™ (SAM)


smartplug SAM


direct control sam

card sam


compartment sam

srp sam

handcuff SAM 

chit-key sam


designing your custom

security asset manager:

Key Systems, Inc. offers a host of customization options to ensure the protection and management of your most important assets with a Security Asset Manager™ that best fits your individual needs.  We understand you may desire a customized SAM to function in exactly the way you want for maximum security and peace of mind.  From custom doors, panels and key box dimensions, to user access options, extra storage space and custom colors, there's a perfect solution waiting to be built for you.



standard LOCK FEATURes:



Security Asset Managers come standard with our proprietary KSI "dimple" keys. The dual sided dimple design allows for KSI Keys to be inserted upside down or right side up. Retainment by most locks, including small and large format IC is also available. Lock spacing is available to accommodate large assets and key rings.    


tamper-proof key rings®

Our key rings give greater flexibility for use of the SAM allowing multiple keys to be secured using a single key position.  For the application of large key rings, the spacing of key positions within the SAM may be altered to fit your needs. Tamper-Proof Key Rings® may be used in conjunction with direct entrapment to attach assets to your sensitive keys trapped in each core.



direct key entrapment 

Direct entrapment refers to our ability to retain a sensitive key within one of your cores, housed in our SAM cabinets. Each key position within the SAM is fitted with one of your own facility cores to match the key you wish to trap. Cam lock, mortise and mogul keys are all eligible for direct entrapment.

Concealing your key within one of your cylinders, rather than on a key ring, defeats several potential threats.Keeping your sensitive keys within a locked core is an additional and final layer of protection against theft from unauthorized users. Achieve the highest form of key security possible through direct entrapment.

Hero Schlage flat_DE Hero Flat-Canfield.jpg
Interchangeable Core Hero Flat-Canfield.jpg



To achieve direct entrapment, your interchangeable cores may be installed within our position housings. This allows for a custom placement of locks and convenient rekeying, should the need arise. Interchangeable core housing options are available for Small Format, Large Format, and Mogul style keyways.

Key Systems, Inc. has incorporated a number of other manufacturer's locks and interchangeable core housings into our SAM product. We also provide flexible engineering options to house your locks, regardless of shape or size.

All locks are customer provided. Please call to see what is available.




Standard 16 gauge solid steel cabinet doors provide strong security for assets.

Lexan Door Hero Flat-Canfield.jpg


Clear Lexan doors are great for conducting quick visual audits of stored assets.

door options:

SAM Extended door Hero Flat-Canfield.jpg


These extended steel doors provide more internal storage space, a great way to secure larger assets.


display OPTIONS:



capacitance based display


touch screen display


external touch screen 


user id OPTIONS:


Standard PIN

External Biometric_inset.jpg

Fingerprint Scanner


Hand Reader


HID Proximity


Card Swipe





gaming asset protection.