secure operations center (SOC) box


high-security identification & LOCK DEVICES

  • No internal battery or power needed for indefinite storage and usage

  • No PINs are stored in the device

  • A unique PIN is generated, then discarded after use

  • The PIN and audit trail are developed by any of the following options: 

                    1. Cell phone communication to authorized call center

                    2. Cell phone app 

                    3. Cell phone app with interface

                    4. Web interface

  • No communications are needed in the lock
  • High security and durability
  • Weatherproof
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Secure Operations Center (SOC)



Device control and feedback via:

  • mobile website

  • keypad

  • LED display

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Energized with any combination of:


  • Walk-up 9-Volt Battery

  • Internal Battery

  • External Power Supply


device is configurable as:


  • Padlocks

  • Meter Locks

  • Panel Locks

  • Probe Locks

  • Keypads with Contact Closures

  • SAMs or SWATBoxes

  • Custom Designs Available