This SAM utilizes smart plug fobs in each asset position within the key box.  These smart plugs are each tracked by a unique electronic serial number. 

MAXIMUM CAPACITY               W         H         D            WEIGHT

    40 SmartPlugs                   18"      18"        6"           20 lbs.

     72 SmartPlugs                 18"      27.125"      6"         45 lbs.

        144 SmartPlugs           28.125"      27.125"      6"        65 lbs     

     208 SmartPlugs            28.125"      36"        6"         120 lbs.



The SmartPlug Security Asset Manager™ is one of the most compact storage capacity products available.  Assets may be returned to any open position within your SmartPlug SAM system, which is powered by Global Facilities Management System™ software.  

Users can be assigned one or more asset positions.  Once the user identification is accepted, the SAM door opens and the appropriate position(s) will be illuminated.  

Simply pull the SmartPlug straight out to remove.  After use, the SmartPlug can then be returned to any open position.

Each SmartPlug is tracked by a unique electronic serial number.  GFMS™ Software provides many functions including live monitoring of SAM status and user activity, reports, alarm alerts, and much more.

Plug box.jpg

This SAM can be used in combination with all devices networked through GFMS™.  It is also compatible with many identification devices. 

The SmartPlug SAM can be used in any business or industry and make a handsome solution for large amounts of keys in a small amount of space. 

  • Apartments
  • Car pools
  • Property Management 
  • Janitorial/Cleaning Services 
  • Car Dealerships... and many more! 


Each KSI SmartPlug comes with a Tamper-Evident Key Tag for attaching to keys and assets. 

Tamper-Proof Key Rings® are also available upon request.  

Numbered positions with corresponding numbered tags may be added to accommodate your auditing needs. 




The new Heavy Duty Latched SmartPlug adds the ability to entrap and selectively release individual SmartPlugs.  With this patent pending technology, you still have the flexibility enabled by our SmartPlug architecture. You can physically limit which assets an authorized user can remove with intelligent, easy-to-configure, latching and release rules powered by our Global Facilities Management Software™ (GFMS). 

Heavy Duty Latched SmartPlugs are constructed from sturdy stainless steel, and coupled with our patented Tamper-Proof Key Rings®, they are engineered and built to stand up to rough handling and use.