Vel-Key® products 

Vel-Key® products increase security and productivity through simple effective key organization. Our plastic two-sided tags leave room for labeling one side and utilize durable Velcro® on the other for mounting in any one of our key organizers. A variety of files and cases in this product line serve multiple purposes as they are designed to disguise, secure or store your keys. Find the right place for every key in your collection and eliminate disorganization with Vel-Key® organizers.  Replacement key tags are available in packages of twelve. 



Vel-Key® Zipper Cases

A handsome solution for organizing and keeping track of your keys while on the go. Don't waste anymore time looking for lost keys or trying to find the right one. Organize them by name with Key Tags in our light-weight, durable and professional-looking carrying cases. 


Vel-Key® File

Sturdy, plastic panel holds up to 22 Velcro® fastener-backed key tags on two horizontal Velcro® strips. Great for organization, they can be stored in filing cabinets, mounted on the wall, or bound in 3-ring binders. The Card File provides 10 clear pockets for storing business-sized cards along with keys. 

Vel Key Files Hero.jpg



Vel-Key® Portable Key Organizer

Vel-Key® Files also fit conveniently in Portable Key Organizers, light-weight plastic filing boxes that can hold up to 10 Vel-Key® files, or 220 key tags, the Portable Key Organizer comes with 3 file boards that hold 66 key tags.