Security asset manager™  (SAM) Electronic cabinets

Protect your most valuable assets using our high security, electronically controlled cabinets. 


electronic lockers

Control access to a wide range of high-value assets in all shapes and sizes with our electronic locker solutions.



key storage filing cabinets

Electronically control access to your keys and assets and track all usage with our convenient key filing cabinet units.


the swatbox®

Conceal physical assets within your facility wall, away from public view. Use PIN, HID, bio-metric finger scan or any web-enabled device to gain access to assets on the spot. 



Tamper-Proof Key Rings®

Our popular Tamper-Proof Key Rings® provide you with the ultimate in strength and durability; these high-security, stainless steel rings cannot be opened without detection.


vel-key® tags and organizers

Increase security and productivity through simple effective key organization. Two-sided plastic tags allow for labeling and utilize durable Velcro® for mounting in one of our key organizers. 


the SurfaceSWAT™

Grant authorized users access to keys or small, stored assets; easy install, indoor/outdoor use and weather-proof electronics make it ideal for remote applications.




KSI® Smart ID Monitoring Devices

Add Key Systems, Inc.'s unique electronic ID capabilities to your assets; watch, secure and inventory your products with our SAM cabinets and GFMS™ software.


OC Spray Station 

An ideal product solution for prisons and correctional facilities, this chemical spray station controls the distribution, storage, and removal from service for OC (mace) canisters. 

custom designs

All of our products can be designed around your needs. Request a panel drawing to choose a custom layout for your SAM and investigate the different options we offer.



chit-key vaults™ 

Perfect for customers who do not require electronically controlled assets. All locks work in tandem so that the two keys may never be released at the same time.




From color coded tabs for quick key identification, to protective shields for your sensitive keys, we offer an array of handy accessories to further enhance the functionality of our products.